Vendor Highlight: Cafe March 21

Every week we will be highlighting one of our 2020 Vendors.

Our first Vendor registration for 2020 was Henry from Cafe March 21! Looking forward to all the special treats you make just for our DWFM!

Check out their website at

Interior of Cafe March 21

Come and join us at WIFF

Are you missing the #DWFM already? Come and join us at the Windsor International Film Festival

Saturday 2nd, November 11:20 AM
Sunday 10th, November 3:50 PM
for “THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM” Sponsored by the #DWFM!

The successes and failures of a couple determined to live in harmony with nature on a farm outside of Los Angeles are lovingly chronicled by filmmaking farmer, John Chester, in this inspiring, award-winning documentary.
John, with his wife, Molly, films their efforts for more than eight years in this sweeping epic of twists and turns related to the creation of Apricot Lane Farms. As neophytes, John and Molly enlist a consultant, Alan York, whose vision is to raise an array of crops and livestock. Alan cautions that it will take seven years before they fully realize their potential. During that wait, they face mounting obstacles: coyotes, insects, bad weather, and disease. Most farmers would respond with pesticides, extermination, and concentration on a single crop. But following their guru, John and Molly remain steadfast in their commitment to working with nature, not against it.
The Biggest Little Farm is a testament to idealism, teeming with stunningly beautiful images of flora and fauna.

Saturday 2, November
11:20 AM
Sunday 10, November
3:50 PM

Celebrate Farmers’ Market Week August 11-18

Farmers’ Market Week is a chance to celebrate the wonderful experience of shopping and supporting local farmers’ markets. It is extremely important that our association works together to showcase to consumers your efforts in creating the best farmers’ markets in Ontario.

The month of August is the height of the growing season and markets are brimming with local food, products and fun activities. Farmers’ Market Week is a prime opportunity to connect Ontario shoppers with farmers and producers who work endlessly to deliver delicious produce from farm to plate.

Please use hashtag #ShopAFarmersMarkets and help spread the word on supporting Ontario’s amazing farmers’ markets!